Love your Pet!

The Team


Emeline Rouvre/LeChienPoney

In the ATeam there was a charismatic leader : the one with the cigar and the white hair. Love Your Pet! found its leader, in a more witty and disco version : Emeline Rouvre (A.K.A Le Chien Poney, who created “Love Your Pet!). She has the ambition to embody the men and animals fraternity and to become the ambassador of the dogs over the countries, the continents (and the universe). She created YATTA! a agency dedicated to project and events management, based in New York and working with french and american clients. She is also a true activist who fought bravely for the animals rights (through happenings and flash mobs like the giant conga line she organized in Lyon and Belfort back in France). Last but not least Emeline is also known as a party animal : she directed many videos for girls bands in France, she designed 78% of the memes that invaded the internet the past years.

Ladydinde / Lady Turkey

Half woman, half turkey, Lady Dinde embodies the animal success story. She is one of the most charismatic member of the Love Your Pet! crew and she managed to turn her difference as a strength. After writing a lot of telenovelas scenari, being a well acclaimed judge in the 3rd edition of “The Pet Voice” she is now the executive director of a web and communication agency.

Bearnaise Burger

After working as a journalist for many years, BB decided to focus on one fight : the “rabbit men”cause. She founded in 2004 the « Bearnaise Burger » foundation, dedicated to the men with big teeth and fur. In 2004, she became the ambassador of a famous fur designer.

Viande / Meat

Passionate with meat, animals and computers, Viande created the first operating system for Dogs. He became naturally the head of computers and catering for Love Your Pet!

Anne-Sereine Tremblay / Architrux

Architect currently based in the Netherlands and passionate about pets, Anne-Sereine joined Love Your Pet! as our design and space specialist. She created the agency “Architrux” and she specifically worked on the multispace and multi-animal house the “K-niche” she designed for the Love Your pet! events.

Anne-Sophie Priou / UrbanDog

Anne-Sophie dedicated her life the animal cause. She decided to live of her passion and she became a dog and cat whisperer and behaviour specialist. She founded Urbandog in 2009.